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For all those jobs that a full time maintenance person would normally do but unfortunately you do not have enough work to justify the cost of a directly employed person.

We can provide what you want and deliver what you need

From changing a light bulb, oiling a door, painting a wall, putting some salt on a snow covered path, fitting a new toilet seat and moving furniture etc to carrying out pre- programmed hedge cutting, lawn cutting and general grounds maintenance are some of the additional maintenance services available from R&D Cleaning.

Depending on your requirement as part of an on going contract we can provide pre- arranged maintenance services on a daily, weekly or monthly program.

Alternatively just one telephone call and the maintenance requirement will be organised for you.

Its the little jobs that get forgotten but can be essential, in providing a safe, efficient and productive environment.
Each job would be assessed in relation to the skills and experience we have available.
To remain competitive and keeping client costs to a minimum, we would only provide these services to sites within our current geographical area.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

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