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Company Philosophy
We only promise what we can actually deliver.

Local Operation
We recognise the importance of operating an instant response policy to all communications and requests from our clients and staff. Therefore R&D Cleaning Services Ltd will only work with companies within a 25 mile radius of our operational centres to ensure we are only 20 – 30 minutes away at any time.

Over 30 years experience of all aspects of management and cleaning within the cleaning industry.

Management of the Contract
The Managing Director will assume full responsibility for all new Contracts. At commencement of contract a senior member of the Service Management Team will be on site during the cleaning operation ensuring all initial set up procedures are in place and running smoothly.

There will be no specific time scale relating to the period of full attendance by the senior member of the Service Management Team but it will continue until we are confident that the staff on site can be left to carry out their duties efficiently under the direct supervision of the Cleaning Site Supervisor.

Thereafter the Service Management team will continue to visit site during the cleaning shift an average of once per week. This will ensure that all staff are carrying out their duties satisfactorily, maintaining high standards of work and conforming to all Health & Safety procedures.

The whole site will be inspected in relation to the specification and corrected if necessary so that the building can be presented on a daily basis in the manner expected by the client.

Instant communication is an essential factor in providing excellence of service. Communication is available 24 hours a day 7 days per week 365 days per year.

On each site we will provide a communications book suitably sited to be used by both parties for minor issues and requests. The book will be for a two-way communication system whereby we can inform you of such items as a broken toilet seat etc whilst also confirming action to any specific requests from you.

Machinery and Chemicals
All machinery, equipment and chemicals will be selected specifically for your location to meet the agreed specification. Machinery will be supplied as new at commencement of contract with Portable Appliance Testing tags clearly stating the date of the next test.

Following the initial stock at commencement of contract, cleaning materials will be supplied on a fortnightly basis direct to site, in the event of additional stocks being required these will be delivered before the next working shift.

Staff Training
Just prior to commencing cleaning duties all new and transferred staff will be subject to R&D Cleaning Services Ltd Induction Programme that includes an assessment of current skills. All staff would then be trained appropriately in relation to their duties along with an introduction to Health & Safety, Fire Alarm Procedures and the Reporting of Incidents and Occurrences. All operatives are re assessed periodically to ensure that we have the necessary skills deployed on site at all times.

Relief Staff
Relief staff will be provided for notified periods of staff absence due to long term sickness or holidays. For absence without notice the staff on site will be asked to work overtime to complete all duties. In the event that staff could not or if we were prevented from working overtime we would operate a priority system of cleaning ie high risk, hygiene and prestigious areas to be cleaned first followed by as necessary and as time allows cleaning in other areas.

Comprehensive Cleaning Services

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